What will be in it?    

The Perth Children’s Hospital project team consulted widely with national and leading international paediatric hospitals during the design phase. The design and service models were chosen to deliver best practice care for children and a welcoming environment for families and staff.

Key features of the hospital include:

  • an increase from 26 per cent to 75 per cent single rooms
  • 298 beds 
  • an increase from 17 to 31 isolation rooms
  • an Emergency Department 88 per cent larger than PMH
  • increased outpatient and day-stay capacity
  • integrated Family Resource Centre and parent lounges on every floor
  • dedicated Parent Accommodation Facility
  • increase from six theatres and two procedure rooms to capacity for up to 12 multi-use theatres
  • an intra-operative MRI 
  • a 10 bed high dependency unit for high risk patients
  • co-location of all inpatient mental health services for under 16’s
  • helicopter landing pad for the QEII campus
  • Aboriginal Family Lounge
  • Cetralised Sterilising Unit
  • 3500m2 of green space including roof gardens
  • retail food vendors
  • automated pharmacy
  • automatic guided vehicles (AGVs)
  • satellite pharmacies in close proximity to the inpatient wards
  • integrated research facility enabling strengthened relations and exchange between researchers, academics and clinicians
  • improved patient and peer safety through better lines of sight from centralised staff stations
  • increased staff amenities such as bike racks and showers.

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